About Al-Madrasah Ḥanbaliyyah

Al-Madrasah Ḥanbaliyyah is an institute for traditional Islamic learning with a focus on the Ḥanbalī Madhhab. The aim of the Madrasah is to propagate traditional Islam based on the authentic Ḥanbalī Madhhab. We achieve this mainly through online courses in various islamic sciences such as fiqh, ḥadīth, ‘aqīdah, tasawwuf, adab amongst many others, which are easily accessible to an international audience. All courses are taught by qualified and authorised teachers which authentic asānīd and ijāzāt provided to participants on completion. Through the efforts of the Madrasah, many students from around the globe have benefited from the courses offered and many have returned to the true understanding of the Madhhab. The Madrasah also publishes original scholarly works and holds regular Q&A live streams as well as providing video series.