“Everyone should become a student of knowledge but not everyone needs to become a scholar.”

– Shaykh Yūsuf b. Ṣādiq –

“Risking harming your muroo’ah, harms your muroo’ah”

– Shaykh Yūsuf b. Ṣādiq –

“When you know nothing, you appreciate anything”

– Shaykh Yūsuf b. Ṣādiq –

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Guiding Principles of Taṣawwuf [part 2]


Number of classes: 6 (1 hour per class)

This course is a follow up of Guiding Principles of Taṣawwuf (part 1) course. In this second instalment an additional set of guiding principle is laid out and explained by Shaykh Yūsuf bin Ṣādiq. These next set of principles can be added to the first set and further function as guidelines for the seeker of the spiritual path.

This course has ended, completion is through recordings.

All the classes are in English.

Upon completion one is eligible for ijazah.

Category: Taṣawwuf