“Everyone should become a student of knowledge but not everyone needs to become a scholar.”

– Shaykh Yūsuf b. Ṣādiq –

“Risking harming your muroo’ah, harms your muroo’ah”

– Shaykh Yūsuf b. Ṣādiq –

“When you know nothing, you appreciate anything”

– Shaykh Yūsuf b. Ṣādiq –

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Sharh al-Arba'in al-Nawawi


Number of classes: 26 (1 hour class)

This comprises of a commentary of Shaykh Yusuf b. Sadiq Al-Hanbali on the famous forty hadith collection of Imam al-Nawawi. In his commentary shaykh Yusuf will rely on the original classical commentary written by Najm al-Din al-Tufi al-Hanbali. In addition to this shaykh Yusuf will also narrate the ahadith that Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali added to the compilation of al-Nawawi as found in his Jami' Ulum wa al-Hikam. Thereby enabling the student to narrate, after completion of the course, a total of 50 ahadith from al-Nawawi and Ibn Rajab. Durling the lessons the ahadith are read in Arabic, followed by a translation and explanation of them.

This course has ended, completion is through recordings.

All the classes are in English.

Upon completion one is eligible for ijazah

Category: Mustalaḥ al-Ḥadīth/Hadith