“Everyone should become a student of knowledge but not everyone needs to become a scholar.”

– Shaykh Yūsuf b. Ṣādiq –

“Risking harming your muroo’ah, harms your muroo’ah”

– Shaykh Yūsuf b. Ṣādiq –

“When you know nothing, you appreciate anything”

– Shaykh Yūsuf b. Ṣādiq –

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Ṣawā’iq al-Ilāhiyyah


Class: Tuesday 11pm (Cairo time)
Number of classes: 15+ (1 hour per class)

In this course is a reading and explanation of the book Al-Sawā°iq al-Ilāhiyah fī al-Radd ‘alā al-Wahābiyah written by Shaykh Sulaymān bin ‘Abd al-Wahāb.

The author, who is the older brother of Muḥammad bin ‘Abd al-Wahāb, and a well-respected and major figure in the Ḥanbalī madhhab, wrote this work in order to refute the erroneous ideology of its founding figure and the Wahabi cult it produced, seeking to expose its errors and misguidance and show their opposition to traditional Islām and Ḥanbalī scholarship in particular.

All the classes are given in English

Upon completion one is eligible for ijazah.

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