“Everyone should become a student of knowledge but not everyone needs to become a scholar.”

– Shaykh Yūsuf b. Ṣādiq –

“Risking harming your muroo’ah, harms your muroo’ah”

– Shaykh Yūsuf b. Ṣādiq –

“When you know nothing, you appreciate anything”

– Shaykh Yūsuf b. Ṣādiq –

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Tadhkirah al-Sāmi (part 3)


Start: February 22, 2023
Classes: Wednesday 11 pm (Cairo time)
Number of classes: 15 (1 hour per class)

This is the third instalment in the study of Al-Tadhkirah by al-Imām al-Qāḍī Ibn Jamā‘ah.

It focuses on the manners of the student himself, his manners towards his teacher, his fellow students and the lessons he attends. A must to learn and know for any serious student of knowledge.

All the classes are in English.

Upon completion of the full 5 part course one is eligible to receive an ijazah for the complete book.

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