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Al-Nihaayah fi Itisaal al-Riwaayah

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Start date: May 23th, 2024
Classes: Thursday 10pm (Cairo time)
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Scholars throughout the ages, and especially the hadeeth scholars, have placed great emphasis on chains of transmission. Many of the scholars authored books in which they wrote down their asanid, demonstrating their various connections to the great scholars of the past through which they eventually reach the Prophetﷺ .

One of these scholars is the illustrious scholar Yusuf bin Hassan bin ‘Abd al-Haadi al-Hanbali. In his book Al-Nihaayah fi Itisaal al-Riwaayah he gathered ahadith for the purpose of presenting his connections, amongst others, to past scholars, companions and the Prophetﷺ .

This course will comprise of a reading of the whole book with slight commentary, and afterwards the student will be able to connect himself through a connected chain to Ibn ‘Abd al-Haadi, consequently reaching all that he gathered in his work.

– The reading is in Arabic, commentary in English
– Upon completing the reading one is eligible for ijazah.

Note: monthly contribution gives access to the live lessons and its course group. Acces to previous course recordings will require an additional one-time contribution, after registration is completed.

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