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Dalil al-Talib [‘Ibadaat]

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Starting date: March 23th, 2024
Saturday 1opm (Cairo time)
Pre-requisite: studied Umdah al-Talib [‘Ibadaat] Amount of recorded lessons: 0 (1 hour per class)

A detailed course covering the Ibadah section of one of the central Hanbali primers Dalil al-Talib by Shaykh Mar’i al-Karmi.

This course is geared towards the intermediate student in fiqh. The student will study the acts of worship, building on his/her pervious study of ‘Umdah al-Talib, deepening his understanding and adding new issues.

  • This course will be in Arabic: students are allowed to ask questions and clarification in English if needed.
  • Upon completion of this course, and possible assessment, one is eligible for ijazah in the relevant section of the book.


Note: monthly contribution gives access to the live lessons and its course group. Acces to previous course recordings will require an additional one-time contribution, after registration is completed.

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