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Fath al-Rabbani wa al-Fayd al-Rahmani

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Classes: Sunday, 11:59 pm (Cairo time)
Amount of recorded classes: 3+ (1 hour per class)

After Futuh al-GhaybFath al-Rabbani is one of the greatest and most important books written by Sīdī Shaykh ‘Abd al-Qādir al-Jīlānī on the subject of taṣawwuf and tazkiyah. Compared to al-Futuh it comprises of longer discourses dealing with various topics in tasawwuf which are of great benefit to the student of the spiritual path.

This course focuses on the first seven discourses and explains them in detail so the intent of the author can be properly grasped by the student. Both the text as well as the explanation will provide theoretical and practical insights for the student.

  • All the classes are in English.
  • Upon passing the assessment at the end of the course one is eligible for ijazah.


Note: monthly contribution gives access to the live lessons and its course group. Acces to previous course recordings will require an additional one-time contribution, after registration is completed.

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