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Introduction into the Ḥanbali Madhhab

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Number of classes: 4 (1 hour per class)

Teacher: Abu Yahya, Naveed Raza al-Hanbali

This course introduces the student to important but often neglected principles and foundations of the Hanbali Madhab. The student will study a wide range of topics such as the phases of the Madhab, the most importance scholars from each phase and their works, what the Mu’tamad of the madhab is and where it can be found, the different branches of the madhab as well as other topics. The student will also be introduced to madhab specific terminology such as the riwayah from Imam Ahmad, Wajh, Ashab etc. The course will serve as an excellent introduction for those wanting to begin their study of the madhab or for those from other madhahib wanting a general overview of the Hanbali Madhab.

This course has ended, completion is through recordings.

-All the classes are in English.

-This course is a pre-requisite for the follow up course: The Foundational Principles of the Hanbali Madhhab.

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