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Lum’ah al-I’tiqād

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Amount of recorded classes: 11 (1 hour per class)
Instructor: Abū Yahya Naveed Raza (one of the senior students of Shaykh Yūsuf b. Ṣādiq al-Ḥanbalī).

Lum’ah al-I’tiqād, the famous book in Ḥanbalī ‘aqīdah, by Imām Ibn Qudāmah al-Maqdisī, is the basic source for the Ḥanbalī ‘aqīdah and one of its most important books.

In this book Imām Ibn Qudāmah lays the groundwork, discussing the principle topics in ‘aqīdah such as Allāh’s lofty Attributes and the Ḥanbalī approach towards them, imān and qadr, the matters of the unseen and the rights of the Companions, as well as other topics like the ruling of obeying the caliph, ijma and taqlīd.

This course will focus on explaining the text according to the Ḥanbalī-Athari perspective, and will therefore stay true to and honour the intended meaning of its author. Those who are interested in the true Ḥanbalī-Atharī perspective in ‘aqīdah should join and study!

Important: Having completed Lum’ah al-I’tiqād with the Madrasah is a pre-requisite for many of the more advanced courses in ‘aqīdah that are either already offered by the Madrasah (or will be offered in the future).

  • All the classes are in English.
  • Upon passing the assessment at the end of the course one is eligible for ijazah.

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