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Musnad al-Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal

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Starting date: March 25th, 2024
Monday, 11:00 pm & 11:59 pm, Wednesday 11:59 pm (Cairo time)
Amount of recorded lessons: 0 (1 hour per class)

This courses focuses on the famous compilation of the Imām of the Ḥanābilah, Aḥmad bin Ḥanbal, titled al-Musnad Imām Aḥmad bin Ḥanbal.

This monumental compilation will be read in Arabic, while Shaykh Yūsuf bin Ṣādiq al-Ḥanbalī will occassionaly provide brief commentary in English if needed.

It is a rare opportunity to attend the live recital of the whole Musnad al-Imam Ahmad, and all students, especially those of Hadith, are invited to attend and establish their connection with Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal and his momentuous work.

  • Participants will be required to listen to the recordings of Khasā°is Musnad al-Imām Aḥmad, which explains some of the characteristics and specifics of the Musnad. Free access to these recordings will be made accessible after registration.
  • All the classes/readings are in Arabic.
  • Upon completion of the whole reading one is eligible for ijazah in the Musnad with an authentic isnad back to al-Imam Ahmad.
  • At the discretion of the shaykh, oral ijazah may be issued for individual section.
  • This will be a long-running course. From the onset, it is not possible to give an indication as to how many lessons will be required for completion.

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Note of importance: monthly contribution gives access to the live lessons and its course group. Access to previous recordings will require an additional one-time contribution, after registration is completed.

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