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The Epilogue of al-Insaf

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Number of classes: 43 (1 hour per class)
Pre-requisite: Completed The Introduction into the Hanbalī Madhhab / The Foundational Principles of the Hanbali Madhhab

This course is concerned with the epilogue that al-Mardāwī wrote to his encyclopaedic work al-Insaf. It consists of two parts.

Part one is a very lengthy and detailed discussion on the way the Ḥanābilah dealt with the narrations of Imām Aḥmad b. Ḥanbal and related issues. Various masail are addressed, such as: multiple riwayaat on the same issue, specific wordings and gestures Imām Aḥmad would use, the riwāyah in relation to the wajh and the multiplicity of awjuh. Thi part also includes discussions on the levels of ijtihād.

Part two consists of the enumeration of those who narrated the fiqh of Imām Aḥmad.

Similar to the Introduction of al-Insaf course, the epilogue contain valuable and crucial knowledge regarding the inner workings of the Madhhab, its principles and foundations. The explanation provided by Shaykh Yusuf helps to draw out its benefits and clarify the difficult matters and statement found within the text.

This course has ended, completion is through recordings.

All the classes are in English.

Upon completion, students may be eligible for an ijazah subject to the Shaykh’s discretion

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