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Umdah al-Ṭālib [Mu’amalaat]

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Classes: Saturday 11pm (Cairo time)
Amount of recorded lessons: +1 (1 hour per class)

A detailed Hanbali fiqh course covering the mu’amalaat section of the famous Hanbali primer ‘Umdah al-Talib by Shaykh Mansur b. Yunus al-Buhuti.

This course is geared towards the beginner and pre-intermediate student. The students will study all the chapters related to transactions in a detailed and broad manner according to the Hanbali Madhhab.

  • All the classes are in English.
  • Upon completion of all the ‘Umdah courses one is eligible for ijazah in the complete book


Note: monthly contribution gives access to the live lessons and its course group. Access to previous course recordings will require an additional one-time contribution, after registration is completed.

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