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Usūl al-Sunnah

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Number of classes: 4 (1 hour per class)

In this course the student will study one of the first authentic texts in ‘aqīdah authored by the great Imām of the Madhhab, Aḥmad bin Ḥanbal. In it, Imām Aḥmad highlights the foundations of the ‘atharī aqīdah, covering all of its major points that subsequent books of aqīdah have expounded on and added to. Studying this text will provide the student with basic knowledge of the atharī ‘aqīdah and gives some historical insight into the development of the atharī ‘aqīdah in general. The text is explained by Shaykh Yūsuf b. Ṣādiq al-Ḥanbalī, which ensures the intended meaning of the original author is preserved as much as possible, staying withing limits of the Ḥanbalī-Atharī approach in ‘aqīdah.

This course has ended, completion is through recordings.

All the classes are in English.

Upon completion one is eligible for ijazah.

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