Our Qari

Who is the Qari?
Qari Abdulrahman Mohammed Kamal Ghazal is a dedicated student and scholar of Islamic studies, currently enrolled in the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Department of Islamic Studies at Al-Azhar University. He began his higher education journey at the Islamic Sciences Institute in New Cairo.

What and where does he teach?
Abdulrahman holds several ijazaat in Quranic recitations and texts. He has been certified in the recitations of Asim, Ibn Amer, Al-Kisai, and Khalaf Al-Ashir by prominent scholars including Dr. Abdulkarim Ibrahim Saleh (Chairman of the Quran Review Committee), Sheikh Hani Barakat, and others. Additionally, he holds certifications in Tuhfat Al-Atfal and Al-Jazariyah texts and has an ijazah in the Adhan with a connected chain to Bilal bin Rabah, the caller to prayer for the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).