Al-Ma’īn al-Tālī sharḥ Hizb al-Nawawi


Classes: Saturday 9 pm (Cairo time)
Number of classes: 10 (1 hour per class)

This text is a concise explanation of the famous Hizb or wird (litany) written by Imām Yahya bin Sharaf al-Nawawī. Since its origination, the Hizb of al-Nawawī has been read by scholars and laity to enforce their regular rememberance and praise of Allāh swt. Having received much attention, praise and acceptance by the scholars of Islām, it was explained many times. Imām Hassabn al-Shatti, one of the important latter phase scholars of the Madhhab, understood the importance of this hizb and set out to write an explanation that was both concise in nature and deep in understanding. 

Al-Shatti provides a deeper understanding of the Hizb and enriches its practical application which aids one remembering and praising ones Lord to a much deeper and more sincere degree.  

All the classes are in English.

Upon completion of the course an ijāzah is handed out.

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