Bahr al-Damm


Classes: Saturday 11pm (Cairo time)

Number of classes: 6 (1 hour per class)

Pre-requisite: studied Al-Tadhkirah with the Madrasah and passed its survey.

In this course Shaykh Yūsuf bin Ṣādiq al-Ḥanbalī will provide an introduction into the science of al-jarh wa al-ta’dīl (criticism and praise) using the muqadimmah of Bahr al-Damm fīman Takallama fīhi al-Imām Ahmad bi-Madh aw bi-Dhamm (The sea of Blood regarding whom Imam Ahmad spoke in praise or slander) written by Ibn 'Abd al-Hādī.

The course will cover elementary principles in the science of praising and criticising narrators of hadith, equipping students of hadith with the foundation to continue studies in this field. Is praise always given the priority over criticism? Are all criticisms valid? Who’s praise or criticisms are considered? All this and more will be covered in the course. The students will also be provided examples of practical application by delving into some of Imam Ahmad’s opinions and rulings on certain narrators which form the majority of the book.

The full course will consist of two instalments, 6 classes covering the muqadimmah focusing on its theory, and 6 classes geard more toward its practical application going through some of the narrators and examples given by Ibn 'Abd al-Hādī.

Registration is automatically for the full course. Following only one of its instalments is possible but should be made clear in the registartion form.

All the classes are given in English.

Upon completion of the course an ijāzah is handed out.

Categories: Mustalaḥ al-Ḥadīth/Hadith,Live