The Foundational Principles of the Ḥanbalī Madhhab


Number of classes: 15 (1 hour per class)

Pre-requisite: completed 'the Introduction into the Hanbalī Madhhab' course.

This course is for the Ḥanbalī student who is serious about his study and is dedicated to better understand the inner workings of the Madhhab. Through this course he will become familiar with the foundational principles, specific terminology, methods of study and primary books of the Ḥanbalī Madhhab. It will also form an essential basis for him to build his further knowledge of the Madhhab upon. The book The Foundational Principles of the Ḥanbalī Madhhab is an excellent aid for the student to attain the above. Shaykh Yūsuf bin Ṣādiq, the author of this beneficial work, will go through the text line by line, not only adding further exposition and background but also furnishing it with a new layer of commentary.

This course has ended, completion is through recordings.

All the classes are in English.

Upon completion of the course an ijāzah is handed out.

Category: Foundations of the Ḥanbalī Madhhab