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Support the traditional hanbaliiyah teaching, and earn passive hasanats.

Our Waqf Plan

At Al Madrassah al Habaliyyah, we offer Waqf plans instead of subscription plans. Our Waqf plans are designed to support the noble cause of preserving and disseminating knowledge.

What is a waqf?

The “waqf,” derived from the Arabic term “waqafa,” is a significant philanthropic practice in Islamic tradition. It involves dedicating assets, such as money or property, to specific charitable or communal purposes. The objective is to create lasting societal benefits and fulfill ethical obligations.

The process includes:

  1. Endowment: An individual, known as the “waqif,” designates assets for a particular cause, like community welfare, education, or healthcare.
  2. Permanence: Once dedicated, these assets cannot be sold or inherited, ensuring their preservation for perpetual charitable use.
  3. Management: Trustees, or “mutawallis,” oversee the assets to ensure they are used as intended by the waqif.
  4. Impact: Waqfs benefit communities by supporting education, healthcare, and other charitable endeavors.

Historically, waqfs have been pivotal for socioeconomic development in Islamic societies. They perpetuate religious values and provide ongoing charitable support, leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

It’s important to note that while the core principles remain consistent, the implementation of waqfs can vary across different Islamic cultures and legal systems.

How will the Accumulated Funds be Utilized?

The primary objective underlying the accumulation of waqf contributions is to meticulously preserve the wealth of knowledge housed within this esteemed madrasah. These dedicated funds play a pivotal role in facilitating multifaceted growth, spanning the augmentation of academic resources, the expansion of curricular offerings, and the provision of enhanced teaching methodologies.

Furthermore, these invaluable contributions are strategically allocated to fortify the institution’s outreach endeavors through well-planned marketing initiatives. By cultivating a stronger online presence, we aim to amplify our impact, reaching a wider audience that seeks to partake in the intellectual wealth nurtured here.

In tandem with our digital outreach, a portion of these funds is judiciously directed towards the continual refinement of our website. This entails the integration of cutting-edge technological enhancements, ensuring a seamless and engaging virtual learning environment for our students and patrons.

Equally paramount is the allocation of resources to bolster the pedagogical experience. By investing in state-of-the-art equipment and educational tools, we are committed to furnishing our educators with the tools necessary to offer an elevated and enriching learning journey.

In essence, the collected waqf contributions transcend mere monetary support; they embody a profound commitment to the preservation of knowledge, the advancement of this institution, and the continuous enrichment of the educational journey we offer.